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Nero, 54-68 A.D.

(5 coins)
Ionia, Magnesia ad Sipylum, Nero, 54-68 A.D.
AE 17, 4.24g. struck c. 54 A.D. Bare-headed bust of Nero to left. Rv. Draped bust of the Senate to right. RPC I, 2456. Dark brown patina. See more detailed image
Very Fine $225.
Alexandria, Nero and Poppaea, 54-68 A.D.

Billon Tetradrachm, 13.69g. 25mm. Dated year 10= 63/64 A.D. Radiate head of Nero to right. Rev. Draped bust of Poppaea to right. Köln 157-9. RPC I, 5275. Toned brown patina.


Ex: Spink, London, Auction 135, October 6, 1999, lot 139.

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good Very Fine $650.
Nero, 54-68 A.D. As Caesar under Claudius

AR Denarius, 3.67g. 18mm. Struck as Caesar under Claudius, 50-54 A.D. Lugdunum mint. NERONI CLAVDIO DRVSO GERM COS DESIGN. Bare-headed and draped bust of the young Nero to right. Rev. EQVESTER ORDO PRINCIPI IVVENT on shield with spear behind. RIC 79. Von Kaenel, Type 53; small flan flaw at 7:00 reverse by edge. Scarce and with an unusually full legend.

Ex: Hess-Divo, Auction 329, Zürich, November 17, 2015, lot 144
Ex: DNW, Auction A3, London, September 27, 2007, lot 2551

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good Very Fine $3,950.
Nero, 54-68 A.D.

AE Semis, 3.79g. 17mm.  Rome, c.62-68 A.D. NERO CAES AVG IMP.  Laureate head of Nero to right.  Rev.  CERT QVINQ ROM CO S C.  Urn and wreath on table; shield below; S for denomination above.    RIC 237.  Fine green patina.

The reverse legend is an abbreviation for certamen quinquennale.  This refers to games that were established in 60 by Nero and scheduled to be repeated every five years but there is no evidence of them continuing beyond his death in 68.  The games consisted of musical, athletic, and equestrian events. 

Ex: EJW Ltd, List 74, 1999, no. 107.

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about Extremely Fine $1,750.
Nero, 54-68 A.D. Macellum dupondius

AE Dupondius, 15.00g. 30 mm. Lugdunum mint, c.64-67 A.D.  NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP PP. Laureate head of Nero to left. Rv. MAC AVG S C. Frontal View of the Macellum Magnum with a large domed central building (tholos)  with winged two- story  porticos; male statue in central intercolumniation above flight of steps; decorative columns in the shape of fish flanking the steps. BMC 336. RIC 400. Light green patina with some roughness and minor patina flaking.

The Macellum Magnum (large market) was built by Nero on the Caelian Hill and dedicated in 59 A.D.  It was rebuilt or refrubrished after the fire in 64 A.D.  The central domed area or tholus is designated for the sale of fish in a typcial Macellum and would have contained a water source and drains.   The flanking porticos would have contained a variety of shops on two levels.   (See: Richardson, A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, pp.240-242 and Caradini, The Atlas of Ancient Rome, p.348.)

Ex: Gorny & Mosch, Auction 232, Munich, October 5, 2015, lot 414

See more detailed image
Very Fine $2,500.

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