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Thracian Islands, Thasos, ex: Jameson collection
AR Trihemiobol, 0.92g. 11mm.   c.404-340 B.C. Satyr kneeling and facing and holding kylix. Rev. Amphora. LeRider , pl. I,4.  SNG COP 1030. 
Beautiful reflective dark toning and exquisite style.
Ex: Hobart Smith, an American collector, Sotheby's, Auction,  April 20, 1909, lot 80(illustrated), bought in this sale by Jameson
Ex: Jameson collection 1072.
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Extremely Fine $6,500.00
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Ionian Islands, Chios, ex: MM 1977

AR Drachm, 3.67g. 13mm.  c.431-412 B.C. Sphinx seated to left; amphora and bunch of grapes in field to left.  Rev. Incuse square. Baldwin, Chios 80-81. SNG COP 1546.  Lovely old cabinet toning and struck in high relief.


Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, List 391, July 1977, no. 11; with original invoice.


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good Very Fine $2,750.00

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