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Trajan, 98-117 A.D.

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Lydia, Nakrasa, Trajan, 98-117 A.D.

AE 19, 4.38g. Laureate head of Trajan to right.  Rev. Cult statue of Artemis holding bow standing to left within a tetrastyle temple.  SNG Munich 344(dies). Dark brown patina. 

Ex: Bankhaus Aufhauser, Munich, Auction 4, October 7, 1987, lot 286.
Ex: Peter Vogl collection, Helios, Munich, Auction 5, June 25, 2010, lot 286.

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good Very Fine $375.00
Cilicia, Anazarbus, Trajan and Marciana, 113/114

AE Trihemiasarion, 9.33g. 23mm. Dated year 232=113/114 A.D. Laureate bust of Trajan to right. Rev. Draped and diademed bust of Marciana to right. SNG Levante 1382. SNG France 2022. flan flaw on neck on obv. Dark brown and green patina. Exceptional quality for this scarce issue and among the finest known specimens.


Ex: Gorny & Mosch, Munich, Auction 211, March 4, 2013, lot 490

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Extremely Fine $2,000.00
Seleucis and Pieria, Gabala, Trajan, 98-117 A.D.
AE 22, 8.71g. dated year 152=105/106 A.D. Laureate head of Trajan to right. Rev. Seated Astarte holding ears of corn and poppy in right hand and scepter in left hand; two sphinxes below. Weber 7979. RPC III, 3809var. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $750.00
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Alexandria, Trajan, 98-117 A.D. ex: Dattari

AE Drachm, 23.98g. 34mm.   Dated year 12= 108/9 A.D. Laureate head of Trajan to right.  Rev. Trophy of arms and armor with two captives below; one seated and one standing.   Dattari/Savio 7242(this coin). Geissen_. RPC 4338.4.5(this coin)  Brown patina. 

Ex: Dattari collection, Dattari/Savio 7242
Ex: Kunst und Münzen, Lugano, Auction XXII, 1981, lot 288.

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Very Fine $1,200.00
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Trajan, 98-117 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.31g. 20mm. Rome, c.107 A.D. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P.  Laureate head of Trajan to right with drapery on far shoulder.  Rev. S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI. Spes walking to left holding flower and skirt.  RIC 127. BMC 319. Woytek 266b. Luster under light toning and struck on a broad flan.

Ex: Lanz, Munich, Auction 147, 2009, lot 316.

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Extremely Fine $1,300.00

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