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Trajan, 98-117 A.D.

(4 coins)

50322 Order
Cilicia, Anazarbus, Trajan and Marciana, 113/114
AE Trihemiasarion, 9.33g. 23mm. Dated year 232=113/114 A.D. Laureate bust of Trajan to right. Rev. Draped and diademed bust of Marciana to right. SNG Levante 1382. SNG France 2022. flan flaw on neck on obv. Dark brown and green patina. Exceptional quality for this scarce issue and among the finest known specimens. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $2,000.00

53058 Order
Seleucis and Pieria, Gabala, Trajan, 98-117 A.D.
AE 22, 8.71g. dated year 152=105/106 A.D. Laureate head of Trajan to right. Rev. Seated Astarte holding ears of corn and poppy in right hand and scepter in left hand; two sphinxes below. Weber 7979. RPC III, 3809var. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $750.00

52540 Order
Trajan, 98-117 A.D.

AE Sestertius, 28.77g. 33mm. c. 104-111 A.D. IMP CAES NERVAE TRAIAANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V PP. Laureate bust of Trajan to right with aegis. Rv. SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI S C. The emperor riding to right and spearing a fallen enemy. RIC 543 v. Woytek 317b. Lovely dark brown patina

See more detailed image
Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $5,250.00

55772 Order
Bar Kokhba, Zuz , o/s on Trajan

AR Zuz, 3.31g. 18mm. Undated, attributed to year 3=134/135 A.D.  Paleo-Hebrew, "Simon" within wreath with undertype inscription  FORT RED.  Rev. Paleo-Hebrew, "For the freedom of Jerusalem." One-handled fluted jug; laurel branch to right; undertype showing partial inscription and head of Trajan to right.  Mildenberg 133.13(probably this coin listed).  Hendin 1427.  Lovely old collection toning. This coin is overstruck on a Trajan denarius with reverse legend FORT RED (Fortuna seated).  

Ex: Leu Numismatik, Zurich, Auction 91, May 10, 2004, lot 389.

See more detailed image
Very Fine/Extremely Fine $2,000.00

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