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Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 A.D.

(3 coins)
Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 A.D. ex: Bally-Herzog

AV Aureus, 7.28g. 20mm. Struck in 168 A.D. M ANTONINVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX. Laureate head of Aurelius to right.  Rev.  TR P XXII IMP V COS III.  Aequitas seated to left holding cornucopia and scales. RIC 228, 189. BMC 450, 462. Szaivert 112, 165.  Exceptional qualtiy with luster under light toning.

Ex: Arthur Bally-Herzog (1849-1912) collection, Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 93, December 16, 2003, lot 178 and acquired from the firm of Brüder Egger in Vienna on March 4, 1902. (for bio see:

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Extremely Fine $22,000.
Thrace, Pautalia, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 A.D.

AE 18, 4.27g.  Bare headed and draped bust of Aurelius to right.  Rev. Infant Dionysos seated to right in a lattice-work cradle holding a thrysos.  RPC IV, on-line, 8790var,(bust).  RPC only publshes one example.  Light brown patina.   A very rare depiction of a Roman cradle.


Ex: Pegasi, Buy/Bid Sale 14, July 13, 1999, lot 157.

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Very Fine $1,400.
Alexandria, Marcus Aurelius, ex: Niggeler

AE Drachm, 23.13g. 34.5mm.  Dated year 14= 150/151 A.D. and struck as Caesar under Antoninus Pius.   Bare head, draped, and cuirassed bust of Aurelius to right.  Rev. Zeus seated to left holding scepter; eagle below.  Dattari 3212. Geissen_.  Brown patina.  Scarce.


Ex: Walter Niggeler collection, Bank Leu and Münzen und Medaillen, Auction,  Basel, October 21, 1966, lot 29.

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good Very Fine $1,500.

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