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Victoria (Goddess of Victory)

Victoria or Victory, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Nike, is one of the most common coin types during the Republic and the Empire. Her attributes are numerous. She is often portrayed placing a wreath of victory on a trophy or using it to crown an emperor. The palm, also a symbol of victory, is one of her primary attributes. She is regularly depicted driving a chariot. Gods, personifications, and emperors are frequently shown holding a victoriola (figure of Victory). Victory is also sometimes seen inscribing a list of triumphs on a shield.

(5 coins)
Ionia, Ephesos, Hadrian and Sabina, 117-138 A.D.

AE 21, 7.45g. Laureate head of Hadrian to right confronting diademed and draped bust of Sabina to left. Rev. Victory with wreath and palm walking to left. RPC III, 2079(4 examples cited). Brown patina.


Ex: Leu, Zurich, Web Auction 4, June 24, 2018, lot 493

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good Very Fine/Very Fine $1,000.
Anonymous, Quadrigatus, Ex: EJW, c.1980

AR Quadrigatus or Didrachm, 6.70g. 20mm. c.225-214 B.C. Laureate head of Janus. Rv. ROMA on tablet in relief in exergue. Jupiter holding scepter and thunderbolt being driven to right by Victory in quadriga. CR 28/3. Fine style on a large flan and with old collection toning


Ex: EJW, Ltd. inventory # 5528, c.1980.

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $2,500.
Anonymous, Victoriatus, Ex: Leu, 1977, E. Nicolas

AR Victoriatus, 3.26g. 15mm. Luceria mint, c.211-208 B.C. Laureate head of Jupiter to right. Rev. ROMA in exergue.  Victory decorating trophy with wreath to right; L below. CR 97/1a.  Fine old collection toning.

Ex: E. Nicolas collection, Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 17, May 3, 1977, lot 51.
Ex: Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 48, May 10, 1989, lot 279.
Ex: Kricheldorf, Stuttgart, Auction 47, July 29, 2002, lot 174.

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Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $1,200.
Pupienus, 238 A.D.

AE Sestertius, 16.97g.  30mm.  IMP CAES M CLOD PVPIENVS AVG.  Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Pupienus to right.  Rev. VICTORIA AVGG S C.  Victory standing to left holding palm branch and wreath.  RIC 175, 23a.  BMC 255, 58. Excellent strike with an attractive green patina and completely natural un-cleaned surfaces.


Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 4, February 27, 1991, lot 433
Ex: Baldwins, NY Auction XXIII, January, 6, 2010, lot 202.

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Extremely Fine $10,000.
Postumus, 259-268 A.D.

AE Sestertius, 22.90 g. 31mm. Lugdunum, c.261 A.D. IMP C POSTVMUS P F AVG. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Postumus to right. Rv. VICTORIA AVG S C. Victory walking to left holding wreath and palm; captive below. RIC 170. Bastien 94. Brown and green patina; Excellent style and strike for Postumus

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about Extremely Fine $2,500.

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