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Martinian, 324 A.D.

(1 coin)
Martinian, 324 A.D. pedigreed to 1975

AE Follis, 4.08g. 21mm. Nicomedia mint. D N MARTINIANO P F AVG. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Martinian to right. Rev. IOVI CONSERVATORI; SMNB in exergue. Jupiter standing to left holding Victory on globe and scepter; eagle with wreath in beak to left; bound captive seated to right; X/II"gamma" in field to right. RIC VII, 608, 46. C 3. Dark brown patina. Very rare.  Dark green and brown patina.

Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 52, 1975, lot 762
Ex: Numismatic Fine Arts, New York, Auction XXV, 1990, lot 488
Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 38, 2007, lot 229
Ex: Ira and Larry Goldberg, Los Angeles, Auction February 5, 2013, lot 4218.

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good Very Fine $15,000.

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