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Constantine I (the Great), 307-337 A.D.

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Constantine I, 307-337 A.D.
AV Solidus, 4.57g.  20mm.    Thessalonica, 326 A.D.  CONSTAN – TINVS AVG Laureate head r. Rev. VIRTVS CONSTANTINI AVG.  SMTS in exergue.   The Emperor, in military attire, standing l. and holding trophy and shield; at his feet, two captives.–. RIC –. Depeyrot cf. 12/1 (diademed head, no legend on obverse). Bastien, Donativa p. 78, a.   Fully lustrous and struck from fresh dies on both sides.

Ex: Gorny and Mosch, Munich,  Auction 207, 2012, lot 701
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Constantine I, the Great, 307-337 A.D.

AE Follis, 6.32g. 26mm. Trier, 307-308 A.D. IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG.  Laurate and cuirassed bust of Constantine to right.  Rev. MARTI PATRI CONSERVATORI S-A; PTR in exergue.  Helmeted Mars holding spear and shield and standing to right.  RIC VI, 772a. Brown patina with toned silvering and nearly as struck. 

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