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Constantius II, 337-361 A.D.

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Constantius II, 337-361 A.D. RR
AV Solidus, 4.56g. Trier mint, 353 A.D. D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG. Cuirassed and draped bust of Constantius to right wearing jeweled diadem. Rev. VICTORIA AVG NOSTRI; TR in exergue. The emperor standing to left wearing cuirass and holding globe and spear; Victory with spread wings advancing to left holding palm and wreath. RIC 331. Depeyrot 14/2(2 examples listed). Very rare with only two examples listed in Depeyrot. Lustrous mint state with some light die corrosion on the obverse

This very rare type was struck during the final days of Magnentius when the city of Trier had revolted in favor of Constantius II.

The solidi of this rare issue are heavier than usual with this one weighing 4.56 rather than the usual 4.45g.; some examples are at an even higher weight. Kent notes in RIC that these may have been issued to contrast with the light weight solidi of Magnentius at this time and to show the stability of the legitimate ruler.

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Mint State $28,000.00

Constantius II, Semissis, ex: Biaggi, Mazzini,

AV Semissis, 2.28g. 17mm. Siscia mint, 340-350 A.D. CONSTANTIVS P F AVG. Roseatte-diademed, cuirassed, and draped bust of Constantius to right. Rev. OB VICTORIAM TRIVMPHALEM. Two Victories holding a wreath inscribed VOT XV; SIS in exergue. RIC VIII, 358,126. Depeyrot 9/3(this coin). Extremely rare and in exceptional quality; Depeyrot knew of only 2 examples including this coin.


Ex: Sotheby, London, Auction, July 6-7, 1921, lot 132. This auction is cataloged as the property of a well known collector who was most likely Ernest John Seltman, the father of the famous numismatist John Theodore Seltman(1886-1957) as attested by Spring and Manville.

Ex: Sir Arthur Evans, Ars Classica, Lucerne, Auction XVII, 1934, lot 1936. The catalog lists this coin as coming from the Montagu collection which was sold in Paris in 1896, but this coin does not appear in the Montagu catalog. Perhaps this was a private purchase outside the auction by Evans from Feurdant in Paris who handled the Montagu collection of Roman gold.

Ex: Münzhandlung Basel, Auction 6, March 18, 1936, lot 2034.
Ex: Mazzini collection, 148, published, Milan, 1958.
Ex: Biaggi collection, 2154.
Ex: Numismatica Genevensis SA, Geneva, Auction 8, November 24, 2014, lot 158.

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Extremely Fine $15,000.00

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