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Valentinian I, 364-375 A.D.

(1 coin)
Valens, 364-378 A.D. Consular bust,1953 pedigree

AV Solidus, 4.42g. 22mm. Nicomedia, Consular issue 368 A.D. D N VALENS P F AVG.  Pearl- diademed bust of Valens to left; he wears consular loros and holds mappa in right hand and scepter in left hand. Rev. VOTA PVBLICA; S-MN-N in exergue.   Valentinian and Valens enthroned and facing; they are both nimbate, wearing consular loros costumes, and holding mappas; two captives in exergue.     RIC IX, 254, 16b.6. Depeyrot 22/2.  Pierre Bastien, "Le Solidi Des Vota Publica De Valentinien I A Theodose I," in Numismatica E Antichita Classiche, Quaderni Ticinesi, 1985, p. 332, 27h(this coin).  Exceptional quality from fresh dies and with an impressive pedigree

Provenance, Pedigree:
Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction XI, 1953, Jan. 23, 1953, lot 197.
Ex: Leo Biaggi collection( 1906-1979), # 2268.
Ex: Numismatica Genevensis, Geneva, Auction VIII, Nov. 24, 2014, lot 170.

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Extremely Fine $9,500.

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