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(3 coins)

54626 Order
Q. Metellus Pius Scipio, 47-46 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.77g. 17mm. Military mint traveling with Scipio in Africa. Q METELL SCIPIO IMP. Laureate head of Africa to right wearing elephant headdress; plow below; corn in field to right. Rev. EPPIVS LEG F C. Hercules standing and facing resting arm on large club draped with lion's skin. CR 461/1. Sydenham 1051. Sear, Imperators 44. Attractive light toning.


Ex: Tkalec, Zurich, Auction, February 29, 2008, lot 244.

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about Extremely Fine $1,700.00

50928 Order
Dn. Domitius Calvinus, 39 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.44g. 19mm. Osca, Spain. OSCA. Head of Hercules to right. Rv. DOM COS ITER IMP. Simpulum, aspergillum, axe, and apex. CR 532/1. Syd. 1358. Lovely iridescent toning with underlying luster.


Ex: Auctiones, Basel, Auction: 10, June 12, 1979, lot 444.

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about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $2,500.00

55133 Order
Sicily, Anonymous, AE Struck Quadrans

AE Struck Quadrans, 11.87g. 27mm. Sicilian mint; c.214-212 B.C. Anonymous; Corn series. Head of Hercules to right wearing boar’s skin; three pellets behind. Rev. ROMA. Bull charging to right; snake below; three pellets and corn ear above. CR 42/2. Sydenham p. 10 note. RBW 140. Dark brown patina; some light cleaning. Some weaknesses, probably from an over-strike as is typical for this type, but unusually complete and good metal.


Ex: CNA (Classical Numismatic Auctions), Pennsylvania, Auction VIII, September 27, 1989, lot 290, with original ticket

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Very Fine $800.00

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