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Thessaly, Herakleia Trachinia, ex: Weber

AR Obol, 0.95g.  10mm.  c.370 B.C. Lion's head to right. Rev. Club; ivy leaf below.  BMC 1. Traite IV, 447.  Rare and the best quality example from the BCD collection. 

Herakleia was founded by Sparta in 426 and passed in and out of Spartan control until it was ceded by Jason of Pherai to the Oitaians during a conflict. The nearby town of Trachis was re-named Herakleia and probably absorbed by Herakleia around the time of the foundation of that city by the Spartans.


Ex: Sir Hermann Weber collection, # 2812 and noted as  purchased from Jean P,  Lambros in 1887.
Ex: Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich, Auction 1, 1989, lot 152.
Ex: BCD Collection, Nomos, Zurich, Auction 4, May 10, 2011, lot 1060.

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Q. Metellus Pius Scipio, 47-46 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.77g. 17mm. Military mint traveling with Scipio in Africa. Q METELL SCIPIO IMP. Laureate head of Africa to right wearing elephant headdress; plow below; corn in field to right. Rev. EPPIVS LEG F C. Hercules standing and facing resting arm on large club draped with lion's skin. CR 461/1. Sydenham 1051. Sear, Imperators 44. Attractive light toning.


Ex: Tkalec, Zurich, Auction, February 29, 2008, lot 244.

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Divus Maximianus under Constantine I, 317-318 A.D.
AE 1/4 Follis, 2.26g. 15mm. DIVO MAXIMIANO SEN FORT IMP. Rome mint. Laureate, and veiled head of Maximianus to right. Rev. MEMORIAE AETERNAE; R T in exergue. Lion walking to right; club above. RIC 120. Scarce and unusually nice for the type; glossy brown patina. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $400.00

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