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CelticBritain, Atrebates tribe, Verica, 10-40 A.D.

AV Stater, 5.33g. 17mm. VIRI. Vine leaf. Rev. C O F. Horseman with spear and shield to right. van Arsdell 520. Exceptional quality and among the finest surviving examples. 

Verica was the son of Commius, as noted on the reverse, and ruled the Atrebates tribe as a client King of Rome. His tribe was conquered by Caratacus and he was deposed c.40 A.D. This gave Claudius an excuse for invading Britain in 43 A.D. on the pretext of restoring Verica.

Ex: Kunker, W.R. collection, Auction 312, 2018, lot 1688(illustrated on front cover)
Ex: Bankhaus Aufhauser, Munich, private purchase November, 1991.

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $10,000.
Constantine I, 307-337 A.D.
AV Solidus, 4.57g.  20mm.    Thessalonica, 326 A.D.  CONSTAN – TINVS AVG Laureate head r. Rev. VIRTVS CONSTANTINI AVG.  SMTS in exergue.   The Emperor, in military attire, standing l. and holding trophy and shield; at his feet, two captives.–. RIC –. Depeyrot cf. 12/1 (diademed head, no legend on obverse). Bastien, Donativa p. 78, a.   Fully lustrous and struck from fresh dies on both sides.

Ex: Gorny and Mosch, Munich,  Auction 207, 2012, lot 701
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Mint State $29,500.
Theodosius II, 402-450 A.D. Thessalonica

AV Solidus, 4.43g. 21mm.  Thessalonica mint, c.408-420 A.D. D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG.  Bust of Theodosius facing slightly to the right; he wears pearl-diademed helmet and cuirass; he holds spear and shield emblazoned with horeseman spearing fallen enemy scene.   Rev. CONCORDIA AVGG; TESOB in exergue. Constantinopolis enthrroned and facing; she holds Victory on globe and scepter; her right foot rests on the prow of a ship; eight-pointed star in field to left.   RIC X, 358. Hahn 54b.   Depeyrot 49/4. Rare variety.    This die is unusually well engraved; note the fine detail in the emperor's fingers and shield as well as on the garb of the personification on the reverse.  Fully lusrous and struck on an unusually thick and sligtly wavy flan.

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Mint State $7,500.
Zeno, 2nd Reign, 476-491 A.D. Thessalonica

AV Solidus, 4.44g. 20mm. Thessalonica mint. D N ZENO PERP AVG. Facing bust of Zeno with head turned slightly to the right wearing crested helmet and cuirass divided into two panels; he holds spear over right shoulder and carries a shield emblazoned with a horseman device on his left shoulder. Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG; CONOB in exergue. Victory standing to left holding a long jeweled cross with "X" at cross-bar; stars in fields to left and right. RIC X, 941. MIRB 19. DO, LRC 666. Metcalf 228. Scarce mint and fully lustrous.

Ex: Sincona, Zurich, Auction 37, 2017, lot 62.

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Mint State $5,000.
Basiliscus and Marcus, 475-476 A.D.

AV Soiidus, 4.48g. 20mm.  Constantinople.  Three-quarter facing and helmeted bust of Basiliscus wearing cuirass and holding spear and shield. Rev. SALVS REIPVBLICAE H; CONOB in exergue.    Basiliscus and Marcus, as Caesar, enthroned and facing; they hold a globe between them; cross and star behind; insignificant flan defect below globe.  RIC X, 1022. Depeyrot 1041.  Excellent quality for this scarce issue and fully lustrous.

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Extremely Fine $5,500.
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Macedon, Roman Period

AR Tetradrachm, 16.95g. 33mm.  1st Meris, c.167-149 B.C. Head of Artemis to right  in center of a Macedonian shield; bow and quiver on her shoulder.   Rev.  Club sourrounded by oak wreath.  Fine style and toned on a large flan. 

Ex: Brian Kritt, Maryland, Jan. 8, 2014 

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about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $3,000.
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Boeotia, Thebes

AR Hemiobol, 0.35g  6mm.  c.480-460 B.C.  Half of a Boeotian shield.  Rev. Greek "theta" wihin an incuse.  BCD Boiotia 356.  HGC 4, 1362.  Toned and scarce.

Ex: Frank Kovacs, CA, MBS VII, June 15, 1987, lot 55
Ex: CNG 75, May 23, 2007, lot 221

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Very Fine $1,225.
Pisida, Antioch, Gordian III, 238-244 A.D.

AE 32. 23.89g. 32 mm. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gordian to right. Rv. Two victories inscribing shield SR on palm tree; two captives below. SNG BN 1236. Brown patina.


Ex: Munzen & Medallion Deutschland, Auction 40, June 4, 2014, lot 359

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about Extremely Fine $800.
Octavian, 29-27 B.C.
AR Denarius, 3.88g. 18mm. IMP. Helmeted head of Mars to right. Rv. CAESAR. Shield decorated with eight-rayed star at center in front of crossed spear and sword. BMC 644. RIC 274. Lovely old toning and an exceptionally well detailed reverse. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $2,500.
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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.87g. 19mm.  Spanish mint, c.19-18 B.C.   Head of Augustus to right wearing an oak wreath.   Rev.  CAESAR AVGVSTVS S P Q R.  Shield inscribed CL V flanked by laurel branches; small die break on shield.  RIC 36a. BMC 354.  BN 1335.  Vogel collection, Hess, Lucerne, Auction 194, 1929, lot 676(same dies).  Magnificent portrait in high relief and with wonderful multi-hued cabinet toning. 

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Mint State $15,000.
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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.63g, 21.5mm. Spanish mint, c.19-18 B.C.  CAESAR AVGVSTVS. Bare head of Augustus to left.  Rev. S P Q R  CL V inscribed on the center of a shield.  RIC 42b. BMC 335.  Fully struck on a large flan; toned.

Ex: Mark Salton (born Max Schlessinger)  collection, Frankfurt and NY, 1914-2005, with collector's old ticket and envelope. ( For bio see:

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good Very Fine $5,000.
Nero, 54-68 A.D. As Caesar under Claudius

AR Denarius, 3.67g. 18mm. Struck as Caesar under Claudius, 50-54 A.D. Lugdunum mint. NERONI CLAVDIO DRVSO GERM COS DESIGN. Bare-headed and draped bust of the young Nero to right. Rev. EQVESTER ORDO PRINCIPI IVVENT on shield with spear behind. RIC 79. Von Kaenel, Type 53; small flan flaw at 7:00 reverse by edge. Scarce and with an unusually full legend.

Ex: Hess-Divo, Auction 329, Zürich, November 17, 2015, lot 144
Ex: DNW, Auction A3, London, September 27, 2007, lot 2551

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good Very Fine $3,950.
Lucius Verus, 161-169 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.20g. 17mm.  Rome, 163/164 A.D.  L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS.  Bare head of Verus to right.  Rev.  TRP IIII IMP II COS II. Helmeted Mars with spear and shield standing to right.   RIC 515.  BMC 282.  Toned.

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Extremely Fine $1,000.
Carausius, 286-293 A.D.

AR Antonininaus, 4.54g. London mint. IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Cauarusius to right. Rev. SAECVLI FELICITA. Carausius in military garb standing to right holding spear and shield. RIC V, pt. 2, 153. Some light corrosion spots on obverse. Scarce with nearly full silvering and toned.

Ex: DNW, Auction 146, London, April 25, 2018, lot 65

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about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $1,500.
Magnentius, 350-353 A.D.

AR Reduced Miliarense(formerly siliqua), 3.50g. 20 mm. Trier, c.350 A.D. IMP CAE MAGNENTIVS AVG. Bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust of Magnentius to right. Rv. VIRTVS EXERCITI. Soldier standing to right holding spear and shield; TR in exergue. RIC 305. Bastien 160,18. Fine old collection toning, an exceptionally sharp strike, and none of the usual cracking and damage.


Ex: NFA, West Hollywood, Auction XVIII, April 1, 1987, lot 579.
Ex: Tkalec and Rauch, Zurich, Auction, November 16, 1987, lot 502.

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Extremely Fine $7,500.

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