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55669 Order
Constans, 337-350 A. D. Trier mint
AV Solidus, 4.52g. 21.5mm. Trier mint, 343-344 A.D. FL IVL CONSTANS F F AVG. Laureate and rosette diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust of Constans to right. Rev. VICTORIA DD NN AVGG; TR in exergue. Victory standing to left holding palm and trophy. RIC VIII, 123. Depeyrot_(See 4/3 for obv. type and 4/4 for rev. type) Very rare, possibly the second known example, and with an exceptionally elegant reverse style See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $6,500.00

53683 Order
C. Vibius Pansa, c.90 B.C.
AR Denarius, 3.91g. 18mm. PANSA. Laureate head of Apollo to right. Rev. C VIBIVS C F in exergue. Minerva holding spear and trophy in quadriga to right. CR 342/5b. Lightly toned with luster

Ex: E. E. Clain-Stefanelli collection. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $600.00

52802 Order
Cn. Cornelius Lentulus,88 B.C. Ex:Clain-Stefanelli
AR Quinarius, 1.95g. 14.5mm. Head of Jupiter to right. Rv. CN LENT. Victory standing to right crowning trophy of arms and armor. CR 345/2. Syd. 703. Dark toning.

Ex: E. E. Clain-Stefanelli collection See more detailed image
good Very Fine $250.00

53604 Order
Julius Caesar, c.46-45 B.C.
AR Denarius, 3.80g. 19mm. Spanish mint. Diademed bust of Venus to right; small Cupid behind head. Rev. CAESAR. Two Gaulish captives seated beneath trophy of arms and armor. CR 468/1. Syd. 1014.

Ex: Spink London, Numismatic Circular, July, 1982, lot 5649. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $2,000.00

54893 Order
Trajan, 98-117 A.D.
AE Dupondius, 15.13g. 28mm. Rome, 116-117 A.D. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI PP. Radiate and draped bust of Trajan to right. Rev. SENATVS POPVLVSQUE ROMANVS S C. Trajan standing in military attire and holding spear between two trophies. BMC 1052. RIC 676. Wonderful green patina

The obverse shows the remains of a compass line around the legend that would have been lightly engraved by the die cutter as an aid in his composition.

Ex: Dr. Klaus Berthold collection See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $1,400.00

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