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Thrace, Maroneia, pedigreed to 2001

AR Tribol, 2.92g. 14mm.  c.398-385 B.C.  Forepart of horse to left.  Rev. Bunch of grapes.  Schönert-Geiss 189.  Attractive old cabinet toning; early issue without magistrate's initials.  

Ex: EJW, Ltd, E Auction, April 30, 2001, lot 12 and inventory # 36948.

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about Extremely Fine $1,500.
Thrace, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Diadumenian, 218 A.D.
AE 17, 2.69g. Bare head of Diadumenian to right. Rv. Bunch of grapes on branch. Some light smoothing in fields. Dark green patina. See more detailed image
good Very Fine $250.
Thessaly, The Oitaioi

AE Dichalkon, 4.73g. 17mm.  Struck during Oitaioi's membership in the Aetolian League in Herakleia Trachinia c.279-168 B.C. Laureate head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Monogram between spear and jawbone of the Kalydonnian boar; bunch of grapes to left. SNG COP 182.  Dark green-brown patina and with an exceptionally well detailed reverse.


Ex: BCD collection, Nomos, Zurich, Auction 4, May 10, 2011. lot 1435.18

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $1,200.

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