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The caduceus is a staff adorned with two snakes and sometimes wings that was carried by Hermes in his role as messenger of the gods. The two snakes derive from a myth where Hermes separated two fighting snakes and thus symbolizes his additional role as a peacemaker.

(2 coins)

55450 Order
Mysia, Hadrianeia, Caracalla, 198-217 A.D.

AE 36, 28.02g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of the young Caracalla to right. Rev. Hermes standing to left holding purse and caduceus; ram at his feet; river-god Rhyndakos reclining to right under a tree with large fruit or leaf tufts. von Fritze 162,464 var. and pl. VIII,7. Dark brown patina. Very Rare


Ex: "River-god collection," Helios, Munich, Auction 3, April 29, 2009, lot 350.

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about Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $2,000.00

55672 Order
Ionia, Smyrna, Nero and Agrippina Jr. , 54-68 A.D.
AE 19, 3.94g. magistrate: Aulus Gessius Philopatris, 54-59 A.D. Confronting busts of Nero and Agrippina Jr. Rev. Winged Nemisis walking to right holding winged caduceus. RPC 2478var. Klose, Series XXXIII/A. Brown and green patina. See more detailed image
good Very Fine $475.00

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