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Uncertain Germanic Tribe
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Uncertain Germanic Tribe

AV Solidus, 4.46g. 18.5 mm. Uncertain Germanic Tribes, in the name of Leo I (457-474 A.D.) Imitation of a Leo I solidus of Constantinople with barbaric style and degraded legends. OY LEO OE OOITAY(sic). Facing bust wearing cuirass, diadem, and plumed helmet; he carries spear and shield. Rev. VITORIA AYCCC(sic). Victory standing to left holding jeweled cross; star in field to right. CONOB in exergue. RIC_. Faegerlie_. BMC_. Lacam_. Collection N.K_ Cf. MEC I, 335 for a possibly related issue in the name of Zeno. Small scratch on reverse by Victory's waist; lustrous and nearly as struck. An interesting early imitative issue by one of the Germanic tribes; the crudity of the style and particularly of the inscriptions marks this as a non-Imperial issue. The exact tribal attribution from this period of migration is still uncertain.


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