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Celtic, Pannonia
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Celtic, Pannonia

AR Tetradrachm, 13.14g. 22mm.  3rd-2nd century B.C. imitating Philip II tetradrachm, Helmschweifreiter type.  Stylized and laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. Stylized rider to left with body composed of globules resembling a bunch of grapes; plumed helmet above; circle with pellet to left; sylized eye to right. Gobl, Ostkelten, 165-166 var. Kostial_.   A highly stylized horeman and rider on the reverse that is struck within a deep incuse and in superb quality; lovely blue-gray toning.

Ex: J.J. Grano collection, NGSA, Geneva, Auction 5, 2008, lot 9.
Ex: Hess-Divo, Zurich, Auction 330, 2016, lot 24.

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Extremely Fine $8,500.

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