Ancient Coins: ROMAN REPUBLICAN and IMPERATORIAL SILVER: Octavian, 32-31 B.C.

Octavian, 32-31 B.C.
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Octavian, 32-31 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.75g. 19mm.  Uncertain Italian mint, perhaps Rome. Diademed head of Pax to right; olive branch to right.  Rev. CAESAR DIVI F.  Octavian in military garb walking to right; he holds scepter and extends hand.  RIC 253. Sear, Imperators 253.  BMCRR Rome, 4329.   Elegant style head of Pax and an exceptionally well detailed figure of Octavian.  Lightly toned.  

The fine style of this issue foreshadows the Neo-Classical art style that the later Augustus would pursue.  

Ex: Andrew McCabe collection with his ticket
Ex: Astarte, Lugano, Auction XXII, May 15, 2010, lot 164.

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