Ancient Coins: ROMAN IMPERIAL SILVER: Numerian, 283-284 A.D. ex: Sternberg

Numerian, 283-284 A.D.  ex: Sternberg
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Numerian, 283-284 A.D. ex: Sternberg

AE Antoninianus, 3.80g. 22mm. Rome, 283 A.D.  IMP NVMERIANVS AVG. Radiate and cuirassed bust of Numerian to right. Rev. VNDIQVE VICTORES; KAS in exergue.  Emperor standing to left holding globe and scepter. RIC 196,423. Exceptional quality;   lovely reddish-brown patina with traces of silvering.   The reverse legend ("Victory everywhere")  is used here for the first time to proclaim victory over Persia.  

Ex: Frank Sternberg, Zurich, Auction 26, 1992, lot 428. 

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