Ancient Coins: CELTIC GOLD: Celtic Gaul, Elusates(Aquitane-mid Pyrenees)

Celtic Gaul, Elusates(Aquitane-mid Pyrenees)
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Celtic Gaul, Elusates(Aquitane-mid Pyrenees)

AR Drachm, 2.96g. 18mm.  2nd century B.C.  Sylized head to left. Rev. Stylized Pegasus standing to left.  Flesche 157(this coin). Attactive old collection toning and exceptionally well centered for this type.

Ex: Rev. E. Picot collection, Christie's London, Aucition, March 26, 1968, lot 15(part, as attested by Leu in 2003).
Ex: Leu Numismatics, Zurich, Auction 86, 2003, lot 166.
Ex: Christian Flesche collection, published in Bernward Ziegaus, Kelten Geld, Munich, 2010, # 157.

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Extremely Fine $3,000.

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