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Celtic Gaul, Sotiates (Sos)
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Celtic Gaul, Sotiates (Sos)

AR Drachm, 3.55g. 15mm.  1st century B.C. Floral ornament around central pellet.  Rev. Central cross; crescents in three of the sections and an axe in one.  Flesche 154(this coin). De La Tour 3351.  Scare and with fine toning.

The Sotiates were conquered by Rome during Ceesar's Gallic Wars in 56 B.C. under the command of P. Licinius Crassus

Ex: CGB, Paris, Mail Bid Sale 29, 2007, lot 690.
Ex: Christian Flesche collection, published in Bernward Ziegaus, Kelten Geld, Munich, 2010, # 154.

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Very Fine/about Extremely Fine $1,650.

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