Ancient Coins: ROMAN REPUBLICAN and IMPERATORIAL SILVER: P. Fonteius Capito, 54 B.C.

P. Fonteius Capito, 54 B.C.
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P. Fonteius Capito, 54 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.74g. 18,mm.  P FONTEIVS P F CAPITO III VIR.  Helmeted head of Mars to right; trophy over shoulder.  Rev.  MN FONT TR MIL.  Horseman spearing warrior below who is holding a shield and thrusting a sword toward a captive; helmet and shiled in field to right.  CR 429/1. Syd. 900.

Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 2, 1990, lot 422
Ex: Aufhauser, Munich, Auciton 12, 1996, lot 358. 

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Mint State $3,500.

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