Ancient Coins: BYZANTINE GOLD: Maurice Tiberius, 582-602 A.D.

Maurice Tiberius, 582-602 A.D.
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Maurice Tiberius, 582-602 A.D.

AV Solidus, 4.47g. 19mm. Carthage mint.   Dated (in both obverse and reverse legends,  year 14= 595/596 A.D.)  DN MAVRIC T PP AN I(delta).  Facing bust of Maurice wearing cuirass and crown with cross; he holds globus cruciger.  Rev.  VICTORIA AVGG I(delta); CONOB in exergue.    Victory standing and facing holding globus cruciger and abbreviated chrisma on long staff.  DOC 228. MIB 25b. Sear 549.

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Extremely Fine $3,250.

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