Macedonian Kings, (Philip II), pedigree to 1999
Macedonian Kings, (Philip II), pedigree to 1999

AV Stater, 8.61g. 18mm. c.323-315 B.C. Pella mint.   Posthumous issue for Philip II,  struck under  Philip III- Kassander.  Laureate head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Charioteer driving biga to right; bukranium below.  LeRider, Pella Group IIIA, 522(same dies). SNG ANS 179. Fine style and fully lustrous.

Ex: Harlan Berk, Chicago, Buy/Bid Sale 110, September 8, 1999, lot 10.
Ex: Nomos, Winter-Spring 2008, 100 Distinctive Coins, # 20.


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Mint State $20,000.
Mysia, Kyzikos,  gorgon hekte
Mysia, Kyzikos, gorgon hekte

EL Hekte , 2.68g. 10mm. c.500-450 B.C. Gorgon; tuna fish below; two small counterstamps. Rv. Incuse. von Fritze 129(stater).



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good Very Fine $2,950.
Achaemenid Empire, Daric, ex: Hess/Leu 1971
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Achaemenid Empire, Daric, ex: Hess/Leu 1971

 AV Daric, 8.37g. 16mm. Achaemenid Empire, Xerxes II-Artaxerxes II, c.420-375 B.C.  Sardes mint. 
Persian King running with scepter and bow; quiver on his back.  Rev. Crude incuse.   Carradice Type IIIb, Group C.   Fine style with excptionally sharp and complete facial detail. 

Ex: Hess/Leu, Lucerne, Auction 49, April 27, 1971, lot 289.

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Extremely Fine $8,000.


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