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(3 coins)

55571 Order
Macedonian Kings, Alexander III, (336-323 B.C.)
AR Tetradrachm, 16.46g. 32mm. Posthumous issue struck at Karia, Alabanda, dated year 5= 163/162 B.C. Head of Herakles to right wearing lion's skin. Rev. Zeus enthroned to left holding scepter and eagle; Pegasus in field to left; E(year 5) under throne. Price 2464. Cohen, Dated Coins 311; some die wear on the reverse.

Ex: CNG, E Auction 303, 2013, lot 49. See more detailed image
good Very Fine/Very Fine $420.00

54549 Order
Celtic, Northwest Gaul, Uncertain mint
AE 15, 2.97g. 1st century B.C. Stylized Celtic head to right. Rev. Man-headed Pegasus; two serpents and torque around. Scheers_. De LaTour_ Castelin_. Delestree/Tache 2357. Superb green patina and an exceptional type. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $2,750.00

55555 Order
Bithynia, Dia
AE 24, 12.96g. c.100-80 B.C. Head of the hero Perseus to right wearing a Phrygian helmet decorated with stars. Rev. Pegasus to right. Green and brown patina; Scarce. Rec. gen_. BMC_. SNG Stancomb_. SNG COP_. Cf. Rauch, Vienna, Auction 92, 2013, lot 1085.

Ex: Pecunem, Munich, Auction 36, 2015, lot 137. See more detailed image
good Very Fine $450.00

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