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Licinius II, 317-324 A.D.

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Licinus II, 317-324 A.D. RR

AE Follis, 3.29g.  18mm.  Rome, 318-319 A.D. LICINIVS IVN NOB CAES. Laureate,. draped, and cuirassed bust of Licinius to right.  Rev. SAECVLI FELICITAS P R R T.  Wreath inscribed AVG on decorated cippus.  RIC VII,315,162. Rare and among the best preserved examples of this significant historical type; dark green and brown patina.

This type celebrates a short-lived peace treaty between Constantine I  and Licinius I, proclaiming a "Happy Age."  The treaty took place on March 1, 317 at Serdica.   At that time Crispus, Constantine II, and Licinius II who were the sons of Constantine and Licinius were elevated to the rank of Caesar.   ( See RIC VII, pp. 67 and 280.)

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